Thursday, January 1, 2015


This year I am going to participate in Nerdlution. Last year was the first year for it and I watched from afar on Twitter. Nerdlution is 50 days long and each person sets his/her own goal/s. My goals for #nerdlution15 are the following:

1. Drink more water. I am terrible about consuming liquids. I can go a whole meal without drinking anything. I need to be much better about this, especially with working out like I do. My goal is to get in 4 big glasses a day. 

2. Run 3 days a week. I have been slacking with my running and I need to pick up the pace. I'm not going to worry about distance right now.  I just want to get back in the habit of running multiple times a week. Distance can come later. 

3. Read my devotions at least 5 days a week. I would love to say I am going to do this every day, but I am afraid I would fail. 

4. Read at least one chapter book every week. I have been in training to be a Literacy Collaborative intermediate coach and my reading has taken a hit with all I have to do. I think one chapter book a week can be manageable with all the other demands. 

Hopefully, on February 19, the last of the 50 days, I can say I was successful with all of these goals! Good luck with your goals!

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