Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Next week, state testing starts.  I've been watching anxious teachers for the past few weeks.  Some are starting to show it to their students.  More lecturing is going on in the classrooms.  For some reason, I haven't been too anxious.  Being anxious isn't going to change anything, at least for me. Do I worry?  I'd be lying if I said no.  Especially since testing is going to be tied to our evaluations.  Because of this, I think down the road you are going to see more anxoious teachers.  And as a result, more anxious students.  So I am determined not to become anxious.  I don't want the students to be anxious.  Would I rather them go into a testing situation in a state of anxiety or in a state of calm?  I choose calm.  Therefore I need to make sure I remain calm.  I haven't even talked about the state test to the students until this week.  All we are doing is reviewing some things and looking at a few old tests just so they can get a feel for the structure and how they may be questioned.  We also discuss some testing strategies.  Not all will pass, but I think all have them have made a years growth.  All I ask of my students is for them to do their best. I know they have it in them.  Keep calm, and carry on!


  1. Keep calm and carry on--I love this advice. I'm trying to do that this year, but the anxiety is beginning to leak through. Good luck to you and your students next week. Ours starts--or continues--the week after that.

  2. Good thinking about test prep. Don't overdo. The work you have done will stay with them.