Saturday, September 6, 2014

Celebrate! Sept. 6

Thanks to Ruth Ayres at DiscoverPlayBuild for this Saturday tradition.
I am back to celebrate a few things this week!

1. I have to start by celebrating the opening of college football and by beloved Buckeyes!  The game last Saturday against Navy was a nail-biter in the first half.  Thank goodness we figured things out the second half!  I do have to say that rooting against Navy somehow made me feel a little unpatriotic!  So I tried not to be too vocal against Navy!  Tonight we play Virginia Tech.  Go Bucks!

 2. I need to celebrate the ladies in this picture (plus one who was cut out)!  These ladies are training to be intermediate literacy coaches through Literacy Collaborative along with me.  This school year is a training year for us.  In the picture, we are participating in online learning with OSU.  I am grateful for what each of these wonderful ladies brings to the picture.

3.  Our community has started the "Let's Read 20" initiative.  The idea is parents will read for 20 minutes a day with their children starting at birth.  All the schools in the county and city are participating and working together on this.  This week, my district had a Battle of the Books with another district in the county.  Students were to bring in new or gently used books to be distributed to kids throughout the county.  My school collected over 1600 books!  The winning district will be announced at the football game tonight between the two schools.

4. I am celebrating the Popcorn Festival in our town and the Popcorn Parade.  Jacob was in the parade along with his fellow cub scouts.  I also have to celebrate all the greasy, fried food you can get at the festival! It's one of the few times of the year I allow myself to indulge in this type of food!  Bring on the fried veggies!

What are you celebrating?

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  1. Popcorn Festival and Popcorn Parade - sounds like fun. I like how your community has embraced the "Let's read 20" initiative. It will make a positive difference, no doubt.