Thursday, March 2, 2017

Read Across America

This week our school, like so many others, celebrated Dr. Seuss and reading. Each day we had a different Dr. Seuss theme, we also read a different book each day schoolwide, and we had guest readers in from the community to read in each classroom. Our cafeteria staff even served green eggs and ham for lunch. And our principal bought shirts for the staff to wear today.

The students had fun with the themes and we had a lot of participation. They enjoyed the guest readers. Overall, it was a good week.

Yet, I feel that it was lacking something. While it was enjoyed, I felt as if the enthusiasm just wasn't there. I just can't put my finger on it. Are people just tired? Thinking about testing, which is right around the corner? Too many other things going on? Conferences were also tonight, did that get in the way?

Being a Literacy Collaborative school, we have to have a Literacy Leadership Team. Part of what we do is plan events like this. We have an upcoming meeting so hopefully we can look at this week and figure out how we can improve it for next year.

Happy writing!

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