Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Slice of Life- Day 6

Spring is in the Air!

If you live where I do, you would probably look at me in a funny way after hearing that because of the snow on the ground.  However, I see it and I feel it. 

I saw it in the stores today. 

When I went to Kohls, the shorts and spring shirts were out on display.  The winter pants, sweaters and long sleeve shirts have been moved to the clearance racks.  The patio chairs and tables were out.  The candles were spring and summer scents; lots of flowers and tropical smells.

I then went to Lowe's and they had their lawn mowers out instead of the snow blowers.  As you walk in the store you are drawn to the flower and vegetable seeds on display.  Of course I had to pick up some carrot and lettuce seeds.  Hard to believe that the garden will be tilled up in about 2 weeks and seeds will be in the ground in 3-4 weeks.

As I drive through neighborhoods, I notice St. Patrick's Day and Easter decorations adorning the houses.  More pastel colors are decorating the wreaths on the doors. 

Even though there's snow on the ground I can feel the warm up around the corner.  Can you feel it?


  1. Thank you so much for putting a little vision of springtime in my mind. I am so very sunshine deprived right now. Love the image of a tilled garden & lettuce leaves popping through the soil! Ahhhh...

  2. Such positive thoughts...Spring can't come fast enough!