Saturday, March 9, 2013

Slice of Life Day 9

A Trip to the Zoo

Today was a beautiful day.  It was sunny.  It was in the 50s.  In my book, that's a perfect day to go to the zoo.  I can't tell you how much I love the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.  I love the layout, I love the docents, I love the learning that happens there.

Mr. D and I decided we would let our son pick where we were going to go.  Now, when I go, I have a plan in mind.  I know where all the animals are and can easily navigate from one to the next in a nice orderly fashion with little problems.  When Little D's 8 year old mind decides where to go, he does not have the layout in mind.  We got in A LOT of walking because of all the zigzagging around.  I really should have brought my pedometer.  It would be interesting to see the distance we walked.  Thank goodness he wanted to spend some time just watching some of the animals so we could rest our feet.  We stayed at the aquarium for quite a bit because the divers were in feeding the fish.  We also observed the gorillas and then the bonobos for quite awhile because they were being very entertaining today.  The lions, we had to observe them twice.  I think he just liked the fact that they were so close to the people today.  We did see other animals, but those were the biggies today, the ones he really wanted to see.  And of course, we had to end the visit with the purchase of cotton candy.  Nothing like the sweet stickiness of cotton candy mixed in with the smells of the zoo!

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  1. I love going to a zoo! My kids and I love exploring different ones, and we all laughed the day we finally realized that in trying to get to one exhibit, we went the wrong way and walked the entire way around the zoo. If we had just turned left instead of right we would have been right there! Sounds like a great day!