Thursday, March 7, 2013

Slice of Life Day 7

5th Grade Program

Tonight our 5th grade had their spring program.  Wow!  What a great performance!  Our music teacher really outdid herself.  She puts so much time and energy into the shows.  The show was about wheels and how they have been used over the centuries.  We travelled from caveman times, to the Roman Empire, Industrial Revolution, the invention of the car, the 50s and to the present.  As I was watching and listening to their songs,  I realized how much history the students actually learned through the program. To me, that's some of the best learning.  I love it when the students realize that you don't just learn social studies in social studies class, math in math class, and science in science class.  These subjects are everywhere and are intertwined more than they realize.  Now, when it comes to reading, they seem to have a better grasp that reading is everywhere, not just in reading class.  I am so glad that our schools still have music programs because of this connection and more.  To me, it's a shame when they are taken away.  So many lost opportunities.  I hope they are here to stay.


  1. These programs are one of the things students will remember when they look back on their elementary days. Hooray for the music teacher, many times resource teachers do not get the credit they deserve!

  2. My 5th graders have their musical program next month. I've really enjoyed reading all these slices and seeing how many things we all do alike!