Thursday, March 6, 2014

Slice of Life Day 6- Basketball Awards

My husband is the varsity girls' basketball coach at the high school where he teaches.  It also happens to be the high school from which he graduated.  This was his 5th season in that position.

Let me start by saying this was by far my favorite team to watch.  They had a very successful season because they were a TEAM.  They had a few girls who were very good, but nobody was trying to be an all-star.  They encouraged each other and supported each other.  The four seniors this year were great role models for the underclassmen.

Last night we attended the conference banquet.  The team won their division in the conference.  Nate had a player make First Team All Conference.  He also won Coach of the Year. (He says his team this year made him look good!) His girl who made First Team is actually an exchange student to the school this year.  What an all-around wonderful girl.  Her host family is going to have a hard time letting her go.  Her team is going to have a hard time letting her go.

I did learn a few things watching and observing these girls this year.
1. Never give up.  There were times when it looked like they may lose a game but they fought until the very last second and won.
2. Being a team takes work, it doesn't just happen.
3. When things are going well, you celebrate together.
4.  When things are going bad, you don't point fingers, you lift the team up.
5.  Always include everyone.  It doesn't matter how much time someone plays.  You are all a team and you all contribute in your own way.  Everyone has a role.

I think the things I learned from observing this team can be carried over into a professional school setting.  Too often in schools I don't see the teachers working together as they should.  I see pockets working very well together, but not necessarily the whole school.  So now I need to reflect to see what I can do to get my school to be more like a team.  If your school has been successful with this, what did you do?

I mentioned how those seniors were such great role models for the underclassmen.  That whole team is a role model for me.

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