Sunday, March 9, 2014

Slice of Life- Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings are me time. I tend to be an early riser. My family tends to sleep in.

I get to make my coffee, watch the news, read a book, catch up on Twitter and Facebook.

I have time to think about the week ahead and get my mind organized.

I do the grocery shopping for the week on Sundays so I am able to start my list without distractions.

I can check out my Pinterest exercise board and figure out what workouts I want to try this week.

All with silence around me.
This is my peaceful time.


  1. We all need a time like this. Mine was yesterday.

  2. Quiet time seems to reset the mind. Such a quiet, peaceful slice of life.

    1. "Reset the mind." I LOVE that phrase! That is exactly what quiet time is to me!